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Movies with Silent movie stars
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update 6. June 2014

Charlie Chaplin Movies

Abbott & Costello
Auf Sherlock Holmes Spuren

Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle
Short Scene in Venus & Apollon (Kiss)

Charley Chase
Whistling Lions- Löwen die pfeifen
Bad Boy- 1925
Is marriage the bunk?- 1925

His wooden Wedding- 1925
Bromeo & Julia - 1926
Limousine Love- 1928
Movie Night- 1929
Die Tücken der Schönheit

Jackie Coogan
Rauchende Colts- Gewehre für Cibola Blanca (1)
The Kid (Charlie Chaplin)

Douglas Fairbanks
Douglas Fairbanks- Das Geheimnis der springenden Fische- 1916
Douglas Fairbanks- The Nut

Der Dieb von Bagdad- 1924
Das Zeichen des Zorro
Die drei Musketiere
Der schwarze Pirat
Robin Hood

Der Mann mit der eisernen Maske

W.C. Fields
Die Billard Haie- 1915
Gib keinem Trottel eine Chance- Never give a sucker an even break- 1941
Hommage an W.C. Fields

Lillian Gish

The Battle of Elderbush Gulch- 1912
An Unseen Enemy- 1912
Musketeers of Pig Alley- 1912
The Mothering Heart- 1913
Judith of Bethulia ( Lillian & Dorothee Gish) 1914
Home Sweet Home- 1914
Die Geburt einer Nation- Birth of a nation- 1915
Sold for Marriage- 1916
Hearts of the World- 1918 (w/ Dorothy Gish & Robert Harron)
A Romance of Happy Valley- 1918
A Romance of Happy Valley- 1919
Romola- 1924 (w/ Dorothy Gish)
The Greatest Question- 1919
Thrue Heart Susie- 1919
The Greatest Question- 1920
The White Sister- 1923
La Boheme- 1926
The Scarlet Letter- 1926
The Wind- 1927
Way down East
Broken Blossoms- 1919
One Romantic Night/ The Swan-1930
His Double Life- 1934
Der lautlose Krieg
Vierzig Draufgänger
Die Nacht des Jägers- 1955
Die Verlorenen USA 1955  120'  Richard Widmark, Laureen Bacall  TV
Body in the Barn- Alfred Hitchcock Presents- Hour- 1964
Der Todesschuss 1966   95'
Duell in der Sonne
Denen man nicht vergibt
Eine Hochzeit
Whales in August / Wale im August

Lillian Gish introducing College (Buster Keaton)
Lillian Gish Interview

Buster Keaton

The Butcher Boy
The Rough House
His Wedding Night
The Bell Boy
Out West
Good Night Nurse
Back Stage
The Hayseed
A Reckless Romeo- 1917
Oh Doctor-1917
The Cook- 1918
Coney Island- 1917
The Garage- 1920
Character Studies- 1920
The Saphead- 1920
One Week- 1920
Convict 13- 1920
The Scarecrow- 1920
Neighbors- 1920
The High Sign- 1921
The Haunted House- 1921
Hard Luck- 1921
The Goat- 1921
The Playhouse- 1921
The Boat- 1921
The Blacksmith- 1921
The Paleface- 1922
Cops- 1922
My wife’s Relations- 1922
The Frozen North- 1922
Daydreams- 1922
The Electric House- 1922
The Baloonatic- 1923
The Love Nest- 1923
The Three Ages- 1923
Our Hospitality- 1923
Sherlock Jr.- 1924
The Navigator- 1924
Seven Chances- 1925
Go West- 1925
Battling Butler- 1926
The General- 1927
College- 1927
Steamboat Bill Jr.- 1928
The Cameraman- 1928
Trotzheirat- 1929
The Stolen Jools- 1930's
Nothing but Pleasure- 30s
The Taming of the Snood- 30s
Pest from the West- 30s

Pardon my Berth Marks- 30s
She's Oil Mine- 30s
The Spook Speaks- 30s
Parlor, Bedroom and Bath- 1931
The Stolen jools-The Slipperly Pearls 1931
Speak Easily- 1932
Allez-Oop!- 1934
Le Roi des Champs- Elysees- 1934 France
One run Elmer- 1935
Grand Slam Opera- 1936
The Chemist- 1936
An old Spanish Custom- The Invader- 1936 UK
Jail Bait- 1937
The Ed Wynn Show- Buster's first TV Appear
Sam Keaton- Private Eye- Buster pokes fun at Sam Spade
The Voice of Hollywood- Keaton does Parlor tricks in this Tiffany pictures short
Mooching through Georgia- 1939

Li’l Abner- 1940
Die Unschuld und der Bösewicht- USA 1940- The Villain still pursued her- 1941  64'
Forever and a day- 1943 UK
San Diego, I love you- 1944
God's Country- 1946
The Lovable Cheat- 1949

Life with Buster 1950 US TV
No Time at All- 1950s
The Scene Stealers- 1950s
The Misadventures of Buster Keaton- 1950- Golden Age of British TV Special
A very merry Christmas- 1950s

Sunset Boulevard- 1950
Buster Keaton Show 1951 TV
Life with Buster Keaton- 1951
The Homeowner- Industrial short film
Triumph of Lester Snapwell- Kodak
Ford Commercial Van
Simon Pure Beer- A set of six commercials
The Awakening- 1954

In 80 Tagen um die Welt- 1956
This is your life- 1957 hosted by Ralph Edwards
I've got a Secret- 1957

Abenteuer am Mississippi- 1960
Ten Girls ago- 1962
It’s a mad mad World- Eine total total verrückte Welt- 1963  (Spencer Tracy)
Pyjama Party- 1964
Beach Blanket Bingo- 1965
How to stuff a wild Bikini- 1965
Sergeant Deadhead- 1965
The Railrodder- 1965
Buster Keaton rides again- 1965
Film- 1965 by Samuel Beckett
War, Italian Style (Italy 1965)
Buster Keaton

Ein General und noch zwei Trottel- Regie/Director Luici Scattini
The Scribe- 1966
Toll trieben es die alten Römer- 1966
Original Video CDs Germany
Original CD ROMs Germany General / Navigator

Phillips 66
Shamrock Oil
Kodak- The Triumph of Lester Snapwell
Simon Pure Beer

Home Movies:
Filming the General- 1926
Keaton in Paris ( With Raymond Rohauer)
Interview with Keaton- 1960 (no aud)

This is your life-1957
Orson Welles introduces The General
Lillian Gish introduces College
Gloria Swanson introduces The General

Buster Keaton- Doku Biography Channel TV 08   45'

Keystone Cops
A desperate Sconudrel- 1918

Harry Langdon
Musik Bass- Klamottenkiste
Long Pants
Die Axt im Walde
Tramp Tramp Tramp

Laurel & Hardy

Laurel & Hardy Movies

Harold Lloyd

An Eastern Westerner
Ask Father
Girl Shy
From Hand to Mouth
The Cat's Paw
The Milky Way
Why worry?
The Kid Brother
Bumping into Broadway
The Freshman
Billy Blazes, Esq.
Dr. Jack
Feet first
Grandma's boy
Now or never
High and dizzy
Never Weaken
Haunted Spooks
Hot Water
Movie Crazy
Get out and get under
For Heaven's Sake
Number Please?
A Sailor-Made Man
Among Those Present
I Do
On the Fire
Non-Stop Kid
Just Neighbors
Count your Change
The Cinema Director
Ring up the curtain
Why Pick on me ?
Im Hause des Schreckens- 1920

Frühlingsgefühle- Spring fever
Mir kann keiner!- Never touched me
Professor Noodle
Der gejagte Professor- Professor Beware- 1938
This is your life- 1955- Hosted by Ralph Edwards
Harolds Hollywood: Then and now
Scoring for Comedy
Rare Vintage Interviews and Home Movies.....

Marx Brothers
Marx Brothers
Nice Marx Brothers Collector DVDs from Japan w/Obi

Go West / The Big Store
At the Circus
A Night at the Opera
A Day at the races
A Night at Casablanca

Mabel Normand & Roscoe Fatty Arbuckle

Mabel & Fatty- Klamottenkiste
Hide and Seek- 1913
Speed Kings- 1913
Mabel's Blunder- 1914
The little Teacher- 1915
Fatty & Mabel Adrift- 1916
What happened to Rosa ?- 1920
The Extra Girl- 1923

Jacques Tati

Tatis Schützenfest- Jour de Fete- France 1949/63  77'  BR
Abendschule- 1967 OmU   27'  BR
Die Schule der Briefträger
Die Ferien des Monsieur Hulot
Mon Oncle- Mein Onkel
ARTE Metropolis- Report 4.10.1997 about lost promotion film Lloyds Bank   11'
Das demokratische Lachen- Doku 2002 Arte   52'

Report Der Illusionist- Kulturzeit 3Sat 3.11 TV Lloyd Bank Promotion Film excerpts, Hulots Holidays excerpts Interviews w/ Pierre Joubert; 
Margret Dünser & Jacques Tati Interview, Regie: Ursula Bushnell      8'

83. Academy Awards Hollywood Oscar- Illusionist nominated for best animated feature Film- excerpts of Illusionist Pro 7 TV 2011  1'
The Illusionist- Cartoon Movie

Ben Turpin
Die schielende Familie
Warum Babies ihr Zuhause verlassen
Haltung wahren

Karl Valentin

Im Photoatelier
Die Orchesterprobe
Im Schallplattenladen
Der Firmling
Die Erbschaft
Kirschen in Nachbars Garten- D 1935   86'
Donner Blitz und Sonnenschein -D 1936  85'  BR
Karl Valentin- Ein Hungerkünstler Doku D 2005   60'  BR
Weltwitz und Widersinn- Doku 3Sat/BR  45'
Kunst ist schön, macht aber viel Arbeit (Zum 125. Geburtstag) BR 2007  135'
Liesl Karlstadt und Karl Valentin- TV Biografie Germany 2008  95' BR
Liesl Karlstadt (& Karl Valentin)- Report Kulturzeit 3Sat 12.11   8'

The little Rascals/ The Young Rascals/ Our Gang / Die kleinen Strolche
Die kleinen Strolche- The young rascals- 1922-1928
Young Rascals- Zirkus Kinder- Klamottenkiste

Dog Heaven
Rainy Days
Barnum & Ringling, Inc.
Crazy House
The Ol' Gray Hoss
The Spanking Age
Election Day
Noisy Noises
Wiggle Your Ears
Fast Freight
Little Mother
Cat, Dog & Co.
Saturday Lesson

Pups Is Pups
Teacher's Pet
School's Out
Helping Grandma
Love Business
Little Daddy (gekürzte Fassung)
Little Daddy (ungekürzte engl. Originalfassung)
Bargain Day
Fly My Kite
Shiver My Timbers
Dogs Is Dogs
Readin' And Writin'
Free Eats
The Pooch
Hook And Ladder
Birthday Blues
Fish Hookey
Forgotten Babies
Mush And Milk
Bedtime Worries
Wild Poses
Hi' Neighbor!
For Pete's Sake
The First Round-Up
Honky Donkey
Mike Freight

Mama's Little Pirate
Shrimps For A Day
Anniversary Trouble
Beginner's Luck
Teacher's Beau
Sprucin' Up
Little Papa
Little Sinner
Our Gang Follies Of 1936
The Pinch Singer
Divot Diggers
The Lucky Corner
Second Childhood
Arbor Day
Bored Of Education
Two Too Young
Pay As You Exit
Spooky Hook
Reunion And Rhythms
Glove Traps
Hearts Are Thumps
Three Smart Boys
Rushin' Ballet
Roamin' Holyday
Night 'n' Eagles
Fishy Tales
Framing Youth
The Pigskin Palooka
Mail And Female
Our Gang Follies Of 1938
Canned Fishing
Three Men In A Tub
Came The Brawn
The Awful Tooth
Hide And Shriek

Kleine und andere Strolche- Dann richte mal schön / Der Arm des Gesetzes Arte TV (Intro with Harold Lloyd)   28'

Arbor Day- Kleine Leute ganz groß- Arte 2014  16'

The Awful Tooth- Zahn um Zahn    Arte 2014   9'

Other Silent Movies

Big Boy (dog)
Billy Bevan- Querfeldein- Rennen
Lon Chaney- Das Phantom der Oper- 1925
Gier- 1924
Lloyd Hamilton- His darkerself- 1924
Walter Hiers- A rain' Romeo- 1925
Al Saint John- Jungleheat- 1927
Carol Lombard- Run Girl Run
Marx Brothers- Blühender Blödsinn- 1932
Marx Brothers- Im Krieg- 1933
Marx Brothers- Im Zirkus
Georges Melies- Doku ARTE TV
Georges Melies- Die Reise zum Mond- F 1902- Arte 09 Restaurierte Fassung- German Dialogue   14'
Georges Melies- Report Kulturzeit 3Sat TV 2.12 Trip to the moon in color and new music by Air   6'
Asta Nielsen- Hamlet D 1920   110'
Snub Pollard- Klamottenkiste
Snub Pollard- Die Begabung
Victor Sjöström- Fuhrmann des Todes- Sweden 1920
Mack Swain- Keystone- Love Speed & Thrills
The Great K&A Train Robbery-1926  53' Tom Mix, Carl Miller, Dorothy Dwan, William Walling, Harry Crippe, Edward Piel
Blood & Sand-1922  80'- Rudolph Valentino, Walter Long, Lila Lee, Rose Rosanova, Georg Field, Charles Belcher
Seventh Heaven-1927  119'- Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Ben Bard
Riders of the Purple Sage- 1925  56' Tom Mix, Marion Nixon
Little Annie Rooney- 1925  97'- Mary Pickford, William Haines
Hangman's House- 1928  72'- June Collyer
America- 1924  95'- Lionel Barrymore Directed by D.W. Griffith
The Clinging Vine- 1926  71'- Leatrice Joy, Tom Moore
Hell's Hinges-1916  25'- William S. Hart, Clara Williams
The Toll Gate- 1920  59'- William S.Hart, Anna Q. Nillson
The Black Pirate- 1926  85'- Douglas Fairbanks, Billie Dove, Donald Crisp
The Iron Horse- 1924  119'- George O'Brian, Madge Bellamy
A Silent Christmas- 1905-1925  100' ( Adaption of The Night before Christmas, A Christmas Carol, Santa Claus)
Tumbleweeds- 1925  89'- William S. Hart, Barbara Bedford, Lucien Littlefield
Down to the sea in ships- 1923  83'- Clara Bow, Raymond McKee
Metropolis- Fritz Lang 1927 Restort Arte 12.2.2010  150'  (Brigitte Helm)
Metropolis Welturaufführung Berlin 12.2.2010 Prereport/Vorbericht Arte  30'
Die Reise nach Metropolis- Doku D 2009 Arte 2010  55' 

Der Untergang des Hauses Usher- La Chute de la Maison Usher-Jean Epstein-   F/USA 1928- Restort 1997  Arte 2014   64'

Cinematographie Lumiere- Doku SWR 2005  50'

Die verlorenen Filme- Doku ARTE

Kino Europa- 1-
Kino Europa- 4- Frankreich France
Kino Europa- 5- Großbritanien
Kino Europa- 6- Tonfilm
(Doku 1995 ARTE)

Hollywood, Hollywood- Doku 6 Episodes
Hollywood- Doku 1990 Super Channel
(1. Pioniere: Laurel & Hardy, Lillian Gish, Jackie Coogan. D.W. Griffith...)

Mad Movies

Kult Stars Skandale- Stummfilm in Hollywood- Doku D 2005 BR    90'

Kleine und andere Strolche- Dann richte mal schön / Der Arm des Gesetzes Arte TV (Intro with Harold Lloyd)   28' 

Die große Metro Lachparade (w/ Buster Keaton , Laurel & Hardy, Jimmy Durante...)

Die Wiege des Kinos- France 2011 Arte TV- docu w/ Georges Melies footage, Lumiere Interview  52'

Clowns- Docu Arte France 2011- Fratellinis, Grock, Bendova, Marx Brothers, Harpo Marx in Moskow, Zavatta, Circus Barnum, Oleg Popov,
Federico Fellini, Anne Fratellini, Circus Amar, Jean Baptist Thierre, Victoria Chaplin- Interview, James Thierre, R. Devous, Jacques Tati, Charlie Chaplin,
 Buster Keaton in London Circus, Laurel & Hardy in London, Django Edwards, Cirque Plume.... 75'

Hollywood Spaßfabrik- Als die Bilder Lachen lernten- docu D 2013- w/ Hal Roach, Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton,
Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Charley Chase, Our Gang, Jean Darling, Fatty Arbuckle,  Arte  90'

more in the near future !!!!

Wanted !!!
I'm looking for the movie- Education de prince- (Education of a prince)
by Henri Diamant-Berger in France 1927
with Edna Purviance

Offers very welcome !!!!!!!!!!

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