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Filmography/ My Collection* : compiled by Bernd Kunze




Making a living (1914)

Kid Auto Races at venice (1914)

Mabel's strange Predicament (1914)

Between Showers (1914)

A Film Johnnie (1914)

Tango Tangles (1914)

His favorite Pastime (1914)

Cruel, Cruel Love (1914)

The Star Boarder (1914)

Mabel at the wheel (1914)

Twenty minutes of love (1914)

Caught in a Cabaret (1914)

Caught in the rain (1914)

A Busy Day (1914)

The fatal Mallet (1914)

Her Friend the Bandit (1914)*(missing movie)

The Knockout (1914)

Mabel's Busy Day (1914)

Mabel's Married Life (1914)

Laughing Gas (1914)

The Property Man (1914)

The Face on the Bar Room Floor (1914)

Recreation (1914)

The Masquerader (1914)

His new Profession (1914)

The Rounders (1914)

The New Janitor (1914)

Those Love Pangs (1914)

Dough and Dynamite (1914)

Gentlemen of Nerve (1914)

His musical Career (1914)

His Trysting Place (1914)

Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914)

Getting Acquainted (1914)

His Prehistoric Past (1914)

Charlie Chaplin- Love Chaplin!-  Japan DVD Boxes Vol. 1 & 2  2007


His New Job ( 1915)

A Night Out (1915)

The Champion ( 1915)

In the Park ( 1915)

A Jitney Elopement ( 1915)

The Tramp ( 1915)

By the Sea (1915)

Work (1915)

A Woman (1915)

The Bank (1915)

Shanghaied (1915)

A Night at the show (1915)

Burlesque on Carmen (1916)

Police (1916)


The Floorwalker (1916)

The Fireman (1916)

The Vagabond (1916)

One A.M. (1916)

The Count ( 1916)

The Pawnshop (1916)

Behind the Screen (1916)

The Rink ( 1916)

Easy Street (1917)

The Cure (1917)

The Immigrant ( 1917)

The Adventurer (1917)


First National:

How to make movies ( 1918)

A Dog's Life ( 1918)

The Bond (1918)

Chaplin Lauder Film ( 1918)

Shoulder Arms (1918)

Sunnyside (1918)

A Day's Pleasure (1918)

The Kid ( 1921)

Nice and Friendly ( 1921)

The Idle Class ( 1921)

Payday ( 1922)

The Pilgrim ( 1923)

The Professor (1922/23)


United Artists:

A Woman of Paris ( 1923)

The Gold Rush ( 1925)

The Circus ( 1928)

City Lights ( 1931)

Modern Times ( 1936)

The Great Dictator ( 1940)
great dictator

Monsieur Verdoux (1947)

Limelight ( 1952)

British Productions:

A King in New York (1957)

A Countess from Hong Kong (1967)

Japan DVD Issue 2007

Other films and documentaries with Charles Chaplin:

Chaplin Revue (1959)

The Essaney Chaplin Revue ( 1916)

Triple Trouble ( 1918)

Chase me Charlie ( 1918)

His Regeneration (1915)

The Nut ( 1921)

Souls for sale ( 1923)

Show People ( 1928)

The Gentleman Tramp ( 1975)

Unknown Chaplin

Chaplin Puzzle  100'

Charlie Chaplin- His life and work  90'

Sunnyside- Outtakes  9'

Sunnyside- Outtakes 7'

Shoulder arms- Outtakes   10'

Chaplin and Visitors (Max Linder .... )    7'

Chaplin Today- A woman of Paris   26'

Mandolin Serenade   3'

A woman of Paris- Outtakes   6'

United Artists   3'

Camille (1926)  33'

Chaplin Today- A King in New York   26'

A King in New York- Outtakes    16'

Chaplin Today- Gold Rush   26'

The Tramp and the Dictator  55'

Sidney Chaplins Making of The Great Dictator   25'

Chaplin Today- Limelight   26'

Limelight- Outtakes   4'

Chaplin reads Limelight   3'

Home Movies- USA 50's, London 1959   16'

Charlie- The life and art of Charles Chaplin  (2003)   127'

Chaplin Today- Modern Times   26'

Modern Times- Outtakes    5'

Por primera vez- Zum ersten Mal   (1967)    10'

Liberance sings Smile  (1956)

Chaplin Today- The Kid    26'

The Kid- Outtakes from 1971

Jackie Coogan dance (1920)   2'

My boy- with Jackie Coogan  (1921)    55'

Circus day with Jackie Coogan (Extracts)   12'

Oliver Twist with Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan in Paris   2'

Charlie on the ocean  (1921)   4'

Chaplin Music The Kid   2'

Chaplin Today- City Lights   26'

City Lights- Outtakes   7'

City Lights- Private by Ralph Barton   8'

City Lights- with Georgia Hale   7'

City Lights- More Outtakes   2'

Chaplin and the boxer   4'

Chaplin + Winston Churchill   2'

Chaplin talks first time in camera- Vienna 1931   3'

Charlie + Sidney in Bali 1932    10'

Chaplin Today- The Circus   26'

The Circus- Outtakes   10'

The Circus- More Outtakes 7.-13-10-26    26'

The Circus Premiere Los Angeles 1928   6'

The Circus- Kamera A- Kamera B    1'

Roland Totheroth  3D

Circus day with Jackie Coogan (Extracts)   12'

Lord Louis Mountbatten Home Movies   7'

- Chaplin Set Circus

- Chaplin + Douglas Fairbanks  (The Gaucho)

- The Sacrifice

The Early Years

Die große Metro Lachparade (USA 1963) 86'


Mad Movies- Comedian  Serie  UK

Kulturreport 2002  (Vevey)

Man schlägt sich durch   87'

Chaplin- He made the whole world laugh and cry. He will again.

Chaplin- Ein Tag ohne Lachen ist ein verlorener Tag 

Spiegel TV Reportage- Der Tramp und der Diktator- Chaplins Abrechnung mit Hitler  (18.2. + 25.2.2002  (Sat 1)   70'

Charlie Chaplin und seine Musik   (3 Sat, Frankreich 1991)   50'

Charlie Chaplin- et l'ordes Cosaques (Swisse/France 3 1994) Film über Sargraub in französisch

Chaplins letzte Reise (ARTE 1995)  Dokumentarspiel über Chaplins Sargraub    45'

Charlie Chaplin- History Channel  (ZDF 2000) Teil 1 + 2

Ex- Was die Nation erregte (Chaplin und der Sargraub) SDR 1998

100 Jahre Film- Chaplin versteht man überall (5.1995)   10'

100 Jahre- Der Countdown- Die wilden Zwanziger- 1925 - Charles Chaplin  8'

Charlie und sein Double  (ARTE 28.12.97)   52'

Charlie Chaplin's Lachparade (1916-1918)    1956     100'

Lachen Verboten  (1916-1920)    90'

Die großen Romanzen- Charles und Oona Chaplin    30'

Chaplin Exhibitions (Frankfurt, Potsdam, Martigny, Heidelberg)

Hotels- Savoy 1989   2'

Thomas Beckmann plays- Napoli March + Limelight (Clipklapp 1989)

Thomas Beckmann plays Limelight 1989  ( Kulturszene)

Chaplin Studio- Chaplin Stage (Hit Studio International 1989)   1'

Kinostarts 1993- Chaplin

Der komischste Mann der Welt- The funniest man in the world   86'

100 Jahre Chaplin- Heute Journal 17.4.1989   2'

Tagesschau 25.12.1977

Die Schweizer Jahre (2002 CH)

Legenden- Charlie Chaplin   (2002)


Hollywood Rivals: Charlie Chaplin vs. Buster Keaton- Documentary

Chaplin Cartoons- Otto Messmer- 1915

Seeing Stars- 1922- First National Promotion film

Charlie Chaplin- 20th Century Hall of Fame

The life and Art of Charlie Chaplin

Report über Chaplin DVDs Kulturzeit 3Sat

Chaplin- The Great Dictator excerpts in- Als das Morden begann USA/Ruanda 2005

Chaplin- Thierree- Report Tracks Arte 2.2008

Fremd im Paradies- Deutsche Emigranten in Kalifornien- Doku D 2007 Arte TV  55' (with Chaplin, Henry Fonda....)

Biography- Das Leben eines Tramp   Biographic Channel TV   90'

Trailer Biography Channel Frohe Weihnachten 2008- with Chaplin excerpts

Disco ZDF with Chaplin Double Sketch

Zwischen Spessart und Karwendel- Oleg Popov & Charlie Chaplin Double Russischer Staatszirkus BR Alpha 2.09 Report  11'

Trailer TCM Die Charlie Chaplin Woche 4.09

Chaplin Today- Doku 2002 TCM TV  25'

Trailer Chaplin TCM  4.09

Verschollene Filmschätze- Marilyn Monroe in Korea (1954) feat Charlie Chaplin & Mary Pickford 1918   Arte TV 2009   26'

Chaplin- DVD from Greece in Papersleeve
Chaplin Greece

Charlie Chaplin Trailer for Christmas Special Arte TV 12.2009 

Charlie Chaplin Keystone Films Restored by BFI- Report Screening Room CNN TV 30.1.2010

Galileo Big Pictures- Hollywood- 5.3.2010   180'  Pro7 (w/ Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator extracts)

Judy Garland sings SMILE (Chaplin)- Judy Garland Show TV

Werner Schröter- gestorben Kulturzeit 3Sat 4.10 Monsieur Verdoux Theatre excerpt

Manitas de Plata- Arte TV Cut up 3.10 Music & Interview Chaplin & Manitas Photo   6'

Romy Schneider Report with Chaplin & Laurel & Hardy Figures in Lobster shop Kulturzeit 5.10  7'

DVD in Papersleeve "Chaplin" from UK Magazine

Box Office Extra- 3Sat TV- Robert Downey Jr. (extracts Chaplin Movie & Talk about Chaplin and more ) 7.10   40'

Menuhin in Hollywood- RBB TV Menuhin about his meeting with Chaplin during the filming of City Lights,
Chaplin extract & Chaplin Menuhin Photo in front of city lights statue  52'

Paul Kohner- (Hollywood Agent) Docu BR Alpha 1985 w/ Chaplin Photo with 2 Women & Billy Wilder Interview  53'

Chaplin Museum Corsier sur Vevey Switzerland- Kulturzeit 1.11 3Sat TV Interview Michael Chaplin & Report   3'

Charlie's White Elephant (1916) 6'
Inside the Keystone Project 2010
Silent Traces 2010
A Thief Catcher (1914 Chaplin as a Keystone Cop- extract   7')  & full movie

83. Academy Awards Oscar 2011- Celine Dion performed Smile- Pro 7 TV

100 Jahre Hollywood- Die Carl Laemmle Story (Laubheim, Universal)- Arte TV 2011- excerpt Charlie Chaplin

Report RBB TV Abendschau 15.7.2011- About Great Dictator in Berlin in front of Brandenburger Tor- Interview Geraldine Chaplin  5'

Charlie Chaplins Lachparade 4 TV  

Charlie Chaplin Lachparade 4 TV Trailer

Jubel Trubel Sensationen 4 TV with Charlie Chaplin, Harry Langdon, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy.........90'

Anonymus- A film by Roland Emmerich- Report Kulturzeit 3Sat TV 10.11 Report with Chaplin Photo + Chaplin citation about Shakespeare 5'

Hollywood Skandale- Docu Germany 2010 1Festival TV- Chaplin footage with Guitar Marion Davis, Hurst, Thomas Ince,
More about Fatty Arbuckle, Rock Hudson, Gene Harlow, Erryl Flynn, Roman Polanski,    75'

100 Jahre Hollywood- Docu Germany 2011- VOX TV- with Chaplin, DW Griffith, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Fatty Arbuckle 213'

Hitler und die Traumfabrik-Wie Hollywood über den Diktator lachte- Docu 2009 VOX TV with Chaplin     95'

Chaplin Citation- Albert Schmidt Louis Begley- Report Kulturzeit 3Sat TV 11.11   3'

Georg Kreisler death Report Kulturzeit/ Tagesschau 3Sat TV 11.11 with Chaplin in Monsieur Verdoux    7'

Laurel & Hardy- Die komische Liebesgeschichte von Dick + Doof- Arte 12.11  
Chaplin Photo and story about friendship Kano Stan Laurel/ Charlie Chaplin /  Buster Keaton at Stans funeral

Clowns- Docu Arte France 2011- Fratellinis, Grock, Bendova, Marx Brothers, Harpo Marx in Moskow, Zavatta, Circus Barnum, Oleg Popov,
Federico Fellini, Anne Fratellini, Circus Amar, Jean Baptist Thierre, Victoria Chaplin- Interview, James Thierre, R. Devous, Jacques Tati,
Charlie Chaplin,  Buster Keaton in London Circus, Laurel & Hardy in London, Django Edwards, Cirque Plume.... 75'

Bye Bye Harry, Liebling wir graben Harry aus- Movie with Story about Chaplins Coffin robbery

My Tribute- Docu Kiera & Eugen Chaplin about Charlie Chaplin 2002

Chaplin Exhibition Frankfurt Germany 2012- Report Metropolis Arte TV 3.12   5'

Report Geraldine Chaplin / Charlie Chaplin- new movie France 2011 Und wenn wir alle zusammenziehen (w Jane Fonda, Daniel Brühl)-
Chaplin footage Easy Street + private with family- Interview Geraldine Kulturzeit 3Sat TV 4.12  7'

Ischia -Documentary  w/Burt Lancaster footage and Chaplin footage  Af inc. Arte 7.12

Olympic Games London 2012 Opening Ceremony- w/ Chaplin as Topic

Movie- Das verrückte Liebesleben des Simon Eskenazy- France 2009- Arte  85'
Actress sings Chaplins Smile & Clarinets Orchestra plays Chaplins Nonsense Song (Modern Times)

Max Linder- Mein Vater, der Filmstar Documentary Arte France 2013 with Chaplin/Linder footage   55'

Mr. Poppers Penguins- Movie USA 2011- Jim Carrey Chaplin walk, excerpts of Chaplin Movies- Gold Rush  83'

Charlie Chaplin Trailer 12.2013 Arte TV

Charlie Chaplin- wie alles begann- ein Tramp erobert die Welt- Docu France 2013 Arte  (Tramp 100)    60'

Louis de Funes- Alles tanzt nach seiner Pfeife Docu 2013 F- with Chaplin in Modern Times excerpt and talk about Chaplin Arte 82'

Hollywood Spaßfabrik- Als die Bilder Lachen lernten- docu D 2013- w/ Hal Roach, Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton,
Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, Charley Chase, Our Gang, Jean Darling, Fatty Arbuckle,  Arte  90'

The Immigrant- Arte Restored Mutual
The Adventurer- Arte Restored Mutual
Behind the Screen- Arte Restored Mutual
Arte Restored Mutual Charlie Chaplin Trailer 2013
Arte Cinema- Europe Film Treasures Trailer Charlie Chaplin Buster Keaton  1.2015
Die großen Komiker- Docu- ZDF History 2014 w/ Charlie Chaplin, Heinz Erhardt, Loriot, Fernandel,
Karl Valentin, Hilde Henne, Harald Juhnke ZDF Info 44'
Kulturzeit 3Sat 12.2014 Report Churchill Chaplin Hitler Der schwarze Hund- Book Zwei Herren am Strand  6'

The Cat's Meow- Gerüchte gibt es überall- Movie by Peter Bogdanovich Eddie Izzard as Charlie Chaplin  DVD  ~110'

Klamottenkiste: ( German TV- Silent Movies Soap )

Wohin mit dem Klavier

Groß- und Einzelhandel

Nichts als Ärger


Der Sensationsreporter

Der verliebte Barbier

Der Theaterbesucher

Der Landstreicher

David und Goliath

Der Kaufhausdetektiv

Der Einwanderer

Der Nachtschwärmer

Der Babysitter

Der Tippelbruder

Der Seefahrer


Der Steinzeitmensch

Das Autorennen

Der Studioschreck

Das Traumfräulein

Der Ausbrecherkönig

Der Bankfachmann

Der Feuerwehrmann

Der rasende Kellner


Arme Würstchen

Der Zahnarztgehilfe

Es darf gelacht werden  (German TV)
Der Kellner als Baron

Der Kleine mit dem Hammer
Der Griff in die Kasse
Der besudelte Brandmeister
Die Prinzessin am Waschtrog

Die Hose des Fürsten
Der Meister im Eimer

Die sportlichen Künstler
Die Füße im Sauerteig
Das Haar in der Suppe

Spaß mit Charlie- Die trunkenen Kurgäste

Väter der Klamotte   (German TV)
Der schlabberige Säbel

Video CD's Thailand

The Adventurer
The Count
The Immigrant
The Vagabond
By the sea
Caught in a cabaret
A dog's life
The Gold Rush
Modern Times
The Great Dictator

Super 8 Movies:

Der Pechvogel
Charlie unter Gangstern
Charlie der Zirkusclown
Der lustige Musikant
Charlot Policeman (1)
Charlot Policeman (2)
Charlie Versus Iron-arm
Charlie's Abenteuer im Schiffsraum
Moderne Zeiten
Schneider Lehrling
Massage zur Entspannung
Lachen ist Trumpf- Aus der Glanzzeit Hollywoods ( Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel & Hardy )

more coming soon !!!

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