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update 26. January 2006

Marlon Brando
David Thomson- Biography, DK, USA, 2003, 160 pages, Hardcover

Walt Disney
Reinhold Reitberger- Walt Disney, rororo, Germany, 1979, 158 pages, Paperback

W.C. Fields
Simon Louvish- Man on the flying Trapeze- The life and times of W.C. Fields, W.W. Norton & Company, USA, 1999, 564 pages, Paperback

Lillian Gish
Charles Affron- Her Legend Her Life-University of California Press- USA- 2002, 445 pages,  Paperback

David Wark Griffith
Special David Wark Griffith- Le lys brise- et deux courts metrages, l'avant scene cinema, Paris, 1983, no 302, 63 pages, Paperback

Buster Keaton
Richard J. Anobile- Buster Keaton's The General, Darien House, USA, 1975,  256 pages, Paperback
Tom Dardis- Keaton- The man who wouldn't lie down , USA, Penguin, 1979, 340 pages, Paperback

Kari Hotakainen- Buster Keaton- Roman, Fischer, Frankfurt/ Main, 2001, 114 pages, Paperback

Fritz Lang
Michael Töteberg- Fritz Lang, rororo, Germany, 1985, 158 pages, Paperback

Laurel and Hardy
Thomas Leeflang- Laurel & Hardy encyclopedie, Walburg Pers, Netherland, 2001, 287 pages, Hardcover
Scott Allen Nollen, The Boys- The Cinematic World of Laurel and Hardy, McFarland Classics, USA, 2001,  155 pages, Paperback
Rainer Dick- Laurel & Hardy- Die grössten Komiker aller Zeiten, Heyne, München, 1995, 288 pages, Paperback
Willie McIntyre- The Laurel & Hardy Digest- A Cocktail of Lore, Love and Hisses, Willie McIntyre, Scotland, 1998, 193 pages, Paperback
Scott MacGillivray- From the Forties Forward, Vestal, USA, 1998, 224 pages, Paperback

  Harold Lloyd
Roland Lacourbe- Cinema d'aujourd'hui, Editions Seghers, Paris, 1970, 192 pages, Paperback
Wolfram Tichy- Harold Lloyd, Bucher, Luzern und Frankfurt/ Main, 1979, 160 pages, Paperback

Marx Brothers
Manfred Hobsch- Film ab: Die Marx Brothers- Das große Buch für alle Fans der Anarch- Komiker, Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf,  Hardcover

Georges Melies
Georges Melies- Magier der Filmkunst- Kintop- Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des frühen Films, Stroemfeld / Roter Stern, Paperback

Peter Sellers
Adrian Rigelsford- A Life in Character, Virgin, London, 2004, 192 pages, Paperback

Jacques Tati
Jean- Claude Carriere- Mon Oncle, Alexander, Berlin, Hardcover
Jean- Claude Carriere- Die Ferien des Monsieur Hulot, Alexander, Berlin, Hardcover

Other Movie Books
William A. Mutch, The Filmgoers' Annual 1932, Your favourite Stars and The Pick of the Pictures..., Simpkin Marshall, London,  176 pages, Hardcover
Sotheby's- Planet Hollywood- Selections from the Vault- New York, December 14, 2002, N07818
Rune Waldekranz / Verner Arpe- Das Buch vom Film, Deutsche Buch- Gemeinschaft, Koch's Verlag, Berlin und Darmstadt, 1957, 544 pages, Hardcover
Rainer Dick- Lexikon der Filmkomiker, Lexikon Imprint, Berlin, 1999, 352 pages, Paperback
Rhiannon Guy- The Moviegoer's Companion, Think / Robson, London, 2004, 160 pages, Hardcover
Tony Nourmand / Graham Marsh- Film Posters of the 60s- The essential movies of the decade, Aurum, London, 1997, 127 pages, Paperback
Gerda Böttcher / Fred Westphal- 100 Anekdoten rund um den Film, Henschel, Berlin, DDR, 1972, 158 pages, Paperback
Mark Cousins- The Story of Film, Pavilion, Great Britain 2004, 512 pages, Hardcover
Die Kiste- Das Augsburger Puppentheatermuseum,- Museums Katalog, Paperback

more in the near future !!!!

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