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Charlie Chaplin CD's from Germany-
J-Five- Modern Times ( including great Chaplin Video Clip as mpg. )

The Bavarian Symphony Orchestra - Francis Shaw

Music from the Movies

Modern Times- Moderne Zeiten- Soundtrack

Fernseh-Kult- Spass mit Charlie Chaplin Germany

City Lights, Modern Times, Gold Rush, Circus, Great Dictator

CD ROM Charlie Chaplin France 1997

Michel Villard Orchestre 1972/ 92

Hörbuch Die Geschichte meines Lebens Audio

Classic Movie Hits 2 - Alfred Newman Orchestra Modern Times

Tereza- Cover Version from Yugoslavia
Stanley Black- England
Darius Brubeck- Holland
Thomas Beckmann- Germany
The Music of Charlie Chaplin- USA
Great Chaplin Film Themes- England
Johnny Douglas
Le Festival Charlie Chaplin- Greece
Hollywood Stars Orchestra
La Musica En El Cine- Spain
Soundtrack Modern Times- Germany
The Chaplin Revue- England
Background Music from the Soundtrack
Modern Times Japan 7" Single
Un Roi A New York- France 7" Single
Andre Claveau- Charlie Chaplin

more in the near future

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