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CD Slapstick Salad

Laurel & Hardys Music Box 2 CD Tring mcps EEC Ronnie Hazlehurst & his Orchestra

Laurel & Hardy
Laurel & Hardy CD Trail of the lonesome pine- Netherlands 2002

Laurel & Hardy
Silverscreen starring Laurel & Hardy- The Laurel & Hardy Song / Honolulu Baby CD EC 1995

MC On the Air

The Golden Age of Comedy

Songs and sketches from the Hal Roach Films

Laurel & Hardy CD ROM Hal Roach Studio Tour

Another fine mess- original recordings digitally remastered- 22 Classic Tracks

Memory Lane presents Laurel & Hardy at the Ball- Archive RecordingsDigitally Enhanced

Laurel & Hardy- Memories in Music

Laurel & Hardy- Dick & Doof Movie Hit Collection

Laurel & Hardy- Mehr als dick und doof

Laurel & Hardy - Soundtrack Babes in Toyland

Stan Laurel on cover- Sentimental Songs- Everybody loves Somebody

Laurel & Hardy- Another fine mess records

Laurel & Hardy Another fine mess records

Laurel & Hardy Another fine mess records

Another Fine Mess Records presents Laurel & Hardy

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