Discography, my collection, update 27. December 2011

CD's & Vinyl with Jane Members and around Hannover Scene in alphabetic order:

2000 - Adamas- Shat Chakra Nirupana- Germany- Magic Minds- XL 20001MMR  (Hannes Folberth)
1997 - Animator- Same- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 010 (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen) 

199? - Robby Ballhouse & Band- Time's gettin' fine- EU- CRP/VARTA- 973-44 (Susanne Schätzle, Ecki Hüdepohl, Edu Wahlmann)
1996 - Big Mama & the Golden Six- A Holy Dream- Germany- Heartware- 111003 (Klaus Henatsch, Kai Reuter)
199? - Big Mama and Starmachine- Germany
2001 - Blackfish- Rich- Canada- WRC8-7583  (Charly Maucher)
7" Blackmann Lane- Hunger Studioton
2000 - Blue Note- Sweet Lucy- Germany- Replicator- RER9901-2 (Ulli Heicher, Jim McGillivray)
1995 - Blue Valentine- Golden Hits- Germany- Sponsors Dance- SD 002-2-95 (Ecki Hüdepohl, Marc Hothan)
1992 - Boogie Doc- Dete Kuhlmann and the Dominos- Rock 'N' Roll Preacher- Germany- SPV-084-92822
-          (Dete Kuhlmann, Ecki Hüdepohl, Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr, Anca Graterol, Andrea Schwarz)
1999 - Boogie Doc- Dete Kuhlmann and the Dominos- After all these years- Germany- Basement- CD 9936
-          ( Dete Kuhlmann, Ecki Hüdepohl, Arndt Schulz, Anca Graterol, Martina Maschke, Pitter Schwaar)
1997 - The Chain- We raised on Rock 'N' Roll- Dark Rock Show- CDR- Germany   (Martin Hesse)
1998 - The Chain- Pandemonium- CDR- Germany   (Martin Hesse, Georg Zysik)
2000 - The Chain- Made by Mojo- CDR- Germany   (Martin Hesse) 
2009- The Chain- Message from Mars- CD- Germany   (Martin Hesse, Sister Rock)
Chain Chain Chain
2000 - Choco- For easy listening- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 014  (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen)
2000 - Choco- Bubbles in your brain?- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 017  (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen) 
Choco Choco
1997 - Cholane- Black Box- Germany- Blue Stone/Semaphore- 37657  (Angelika Schneider)
199? - The Christmas Collection Vol. 3- Für Kinder die schon alles haben- Germany- Sponsors Dance-
-          SD 001295 (Rough Silk- Ferdy Doernberg, Blue Note- Klaus Henatsch, Anca Graterol & Friends)
2009- Country Bandits (feat. Arndt Schulz)
1988 - Domain- Our Kingdom- Germany- Frontrow- 8.26918 ZP / 244722-2   (Bernd Kolbe)
1989 - Domain- Before the storm- Germany- Frontrow- 8.50035    Promo   (Bernd Kolbe)
1989 - Domain- Before the storm- Germany- Frontrow- 8.50035  (diff. back cover )  Promo  (Bernd Kolbe)
1990 - Domain- Edge of the knife- 3"MCD- Germany- Frontrow- 170823-2  (Bernd Kolbe)
199? - Domain- Crack in the wall- Germany - Flametrader- 30016- (Bernd Kolbe)
1999 - Dr. Glue- Too hot for the mouse- CDR- Pre-release Bootleg Version Canada  (Charly Maucher)
1999 - Dr. Glue- Too hot for the mouse- Canada- WRC8-7299   (Charly Maucher)
2001 - Duesenberg- Morrison & More- Germany- Göldo  (Arndt Schulz, Erwin Kania)
199? - Dull Knife- Electric Indian- Germany- Philips/Second Battle- 522 498-2/SB26 (Gottfried Janko, Martin Hesse, Klaus Zaake)
200?- Dull Knife- Electric Indian- Mason Records
Ego on the Rocks- CD- Second Battle- Digipack  (Detlev Schmidtchen, Jürgen Rosenthal)
1991 - Eloy- Same- Germany- Philips/Second Battle- 838821-2   (Manfred Wieczorke)
1997 - Eloy- Same/Interview- DoCD- Philips/Second Battle- 838821-2/SB 010 Digipack  (Manfred Wieczorke)
19?? - Eloy- Inside- Germany- EMI- CDP 538-7 909692  (Manfred Wieczorke)
19?? - Eloy- Floating- Switzerland- EMI- CDP 538-7 909702   (Manfred Wieczorke)
19?? - Eloy- Power and the passion- Switzerland- EMI- CDP 538-7 909712   (Manfred Wieczorke)
Eloy- Dawn   (Detlev Schmidtchen)
Eloy- Ocean   (Detlev Schmidtchen)
Eloy- Silent Cries  (Detlev Schmidtchen)
1991 - Eloy- The Singles + Rare Tracks- Holland- Electrola- CDP 1C 538-7967212  (Manfred Wieczorke)
1994 - Eloy- The Best of Vol. 1- The Early days 1972-1975- Holland- Electrola- 724382811626   (Manfred Wieczorke)
1994 - Epitaph- Outside the law- Luxemburg- Germanofon- 941008   (Bernd Kolbe, Klaus Walz) Bootleg
1996 - Faust- Excerpts from the rock ballet (Shade)- Germany- Blue Merle/Tricolor- edel 0086332CTR
-          (Jürgen Rosenthal, Kalle Bösel, Hannes Arkona, Hannes Folberth, Klaus Peter Matziol, Jim McGillivray, Anca Graterol, Andrea Schwarz)
1998 - Firehorse- On the wind- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 011   (Manfred Wieczorke, Peter Ladwig, Hasso Anhoek)
1998 - Firehorse- Jenny- MCDR- Germany-Nautilus-MAXI-CD HOX 012 (Manfred Wieczorke, Peter Ladwig, Hasso Anhoek) 
Firehorse Firehorse
1999 - Fox Gone Funky- MCDR- Germany  (Martina Maschke)
Free Way Band- CD- (Arndt Schulz)
Getriebe- 7" Vinyl Single  (Detlev Schmidtchen)
1993 - Gigantor- Down by Law- Austria- Lost & Found- LF 064 CD (Arndt Schulz)
1994 - Gigantor- Magic Bozo Spin- Austria- Lost & Found- LF 074 ( Arndt Schulz)
1995 - Gigantor- Atomic!- Germany- Lost & Found- LF 186/CD  (Arndt Schulz, Ecki Hüdepohl)
1996 - Harlis- Same- Luxemburg- Germanofon- 941111 (Charly Maucher, Wolfgang Krantz, Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr) Bootleg
2002 - Harlis- Same- Germany- Think Progressive- TPCD 1.907.253 Bootleg
2009- Harlis- Same- w/ 2 Bonus Live Tracks- Germany- Sireena- Digipack
2002 - Harlis- Night meets the day- Germany- Think Progressive- TPCD 1.907.254 Bootleg
2009- Harlis- Night meets the day- Germany- Sireena- Digipack
2006- Harrison Panka & Nadolny- Skin Deep ( Jane, Kin Ping Meh)
Harrison Panka & Nadolny
Head over Heals- 7" Vinyl Single (Uwe Pölitz)
1992 - Klaus Hess- Technodrome- Germany- Sky- sky CD 3032
2007- Klaus Hess- Sternentanz- Germany- jksw 003
Klaus Hess Klaus Hess
Hungry Hearts- CD-
1998 - It's Me- Opposites attract- Germany- ROX- 002197 ( Martina Maschke, Ecki Hüdepohl) 
1993 - Joal- Who's got the feeling- Germany- WEA- 4509-92142-2 ( Fritz Randow, Michael Gerlach)
1997 - Justify Jay + DJ FIN- Tech No Rain- Promo CDR- Your Info Prod./ Nautilus ( Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Kai Reuter)
1994 - Kasch- Easy to say- Germany- Sound Exit- K001-394  (Marc Giebeler)
2009- Alan Kirk- Some Songs  (feat. Charly Maucher)
1998 - Wolfgang Krantz- Natürlich- Demo CDR- Kreuz und quer- Germany  (Werner Löhr, Kalle Bösel)
1999 - Wolfgang Krantz- Kreuz und quer- Germany- Edelsteinpilz  (Werner Löhr, Kalle Bösel) 
Wolfgang Krantz
1995 - Kuhlmann, Hüdepohl, Hothan- The Boogie's playin' here- Germany- Sponsors Dance- SD00295
1998 - Dete Kuhlmann- Don't play with my heart- Germany- Basement- CD 8927  (Werner Löhr, Ossy
-          Pfeiffer, Pitter Schwaar, Arndt Schulz, Ecki Hüdepohl, Ferdy Doernberg, Anca Graterol, Andrea Schwarz)
2001 - Lady-Same/ Charly Maucher- Performance- USA- Still Shakin' Records- 890004-2 
Lady CM
199? - Mafie Maroc- Guideless- Germany- Nostrum- HOX 004   (Manfred Wieczorke) 
Mafie Maroc
1994 - Moulin Rouge- Live!- Old time Rock 'N' Roll- Germany-
(Dete Kuhlmann, Anca Graterol, Pitter Schwaar, Werner Löhr, Ecki Hüdepohl, Andrea Schwarz)
Mountain Ash- Moments (Detlef Klamann)
1995 - Nimm 3- Same- Germany- ND001 (Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr, Uwe Pölitz, Ecki Hüdepohl)
2002 - Nimm 3- Hobos & Heroes- Germany- ROX 78-02 (Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr, Uwe Pölitz, M. Huch, K.-P. Reinicke)

1999 - Power Man's Grave- Same- Germany- Rox 00998 (Arndt Schulz, Uwe Pölitz, Thomas Weber)
7" Piefke & Pafke- Und es geht ab-  (Detlev Schmidtchen)
7" Piefke & Pafke- Auf in die Galaxien (Detlev Schmidtchen / Manfred Wieczorke)
Ramses- La Leyla Sky
Ramses- Control Me Sky
2009- Randow- The Concert Part 1  (Fritz Randow)
199? - Rare Sounds from the progressive Rock jungle- Various Artists-  Germany- Second Battle- SB EB
-          free 1 (Ego on the rocks- feat. Detlev Schmidtchen- Jürgen Rosenthal)
1996 - Rated X- Forbidden for the youth- Germany- SPV- 085-44062 (Mario Timme, Kai Reuter, Kalle Bösel)
1995 - Red Baron- Resurrection- EEC- Long Island- LIR 00086 (Christian Reinhardt ex Lady)
Rizzo- Rock and Roll Barbarians- 7" Vinyl Single EP
2007- Rizzo- Public Animal + 3 Bonus Tracks (ex Jane, Dull Knife, Harlis, Lady, Jon Symon, Mountain Ash)
Rizzo Rizzo
1999 - Rosy Sista- MCDR- Germany (Martina Maschke, Anca Graterol, Petra Rick, Gaby Neitzel)
LP Rosy Vista- (Anca Graterol)
1999 - Rotkäppchen & der Wolf- Rockmusical- Germany- Wilde Reiter e.V. (Kai Reuter, Nelson Arriagada, Klaus Henatsch)
Scorpions- Fly to the Rainbow / In Trance / Virgin Killer &   Many More.....
Scorpions Scorpions Scorpions
1997 - Rough Silk- Walls of never- Germany- Massacre- MAS CD0136  ( Ferdy Doernberg)
1998 - Shimmer- No Budget- MCDR- Germany- White Star Line- WSL 0001 (Kai Schiering, Andreas Schrader, Martin Wichary)
1999 - Shimmer- Chordchange- MCDR- Germany- Hellfish  (Kai Schiering, Andreas Schrader, Martin Wichary, Armin Treptau)
1992 - Jon Symon- Beachy Head- Germany- No fun- CD0666 (Kai Reuter, Klaus Henatsch, Kl. P. Matziol, Peter Panka)
1996 - Jon Symon- Bats in the Belfry- DoCD- Germany- KönigReich
199? - Jon Symon- Tarot- CoCD- Germany- ROX - CD 6662  (Edu Wahlmann, Ulli Böttcher, Ferdy Doernberg)
2000 - Jon Symon & Alexandra Süllow- Demon Angel- Himmlische Teufeleien- Germany- Megaphon- MEGA 758.0054.2
2001 - Jon Symon- Warlock- Memories of a white magician- Germany- Magic Minds- X120011MMR
-          (Jim McGillivray, Detlev Schmidtchen, Klaus Peter Matziol)
1989 - Helmut Teubner- Heaven's light- Germany- IMS/Polygram- 2894565  (Kai Reuter)
1996 - Helmut Teubner- Heaven's light- Germany- Penner- CD018  ( Kai Reuter)
1992 - Helmut Teubner- The history of secret life- Germany- Aris- 883828-907  (Kai Reuter)
1997 - Teubner- From outer space- Germany- SPV- CD 085-44802   (Kai Reuter, thanks to Peter Panka)
1998 - Helmut Teubner- Music for phone- Germany- Connect-SMP- 16552
199? - Helmut Teubner- Music for Aerobic- Germany- SMP- 16551
199? - Helmut Teubner- Music for Body-Styling- Germany- SMP- 305698
1999 - Helmut Teubner- Body 2000- Special Sounds for Aerobic Vol. 2- Germany- SMP- 2000
1993 - Time out Blues Band- Crazyrazy- Germany- Roxxon- Rox 00493 (Ecki Hüdepohl, Martina Maschke)
1997 - Time out Blues Band- The blues is back in town- Germany- SD001397  ( Ecki Hüdepohl,  Martina Maschke, Anca Graterol)
1997 - The Trick- It's going better now ?- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 009 (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen)
1997 - The Trick- Africa- MCDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 008  (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen)
1997 - The Trick- Preview- MCDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 006  (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen)
2000 - The Trick- Trick Mix- CDR- Germany- Nautilus- HOX 018 (Manfred Wieczorke, Detlev Schmidtchen)
Trick Trick Trick Trick
1995 - Two are one- A Question of time- Germany- Replicator- RER951-2  (Klaus Henatsch, Martina
-          Maschke, Kai Reuter, Klaus Peter Matziol, Ecki Hüdepohl)
1987 - Victory- Don't get mad- get even- Holland- Mercenary- MERD 2105  (Peter Knorn, Fritz Randow)
1992 - Victory- You bought it- you name it- Germany- Metronome- 513348-2 (Peter Knorn, Fritz Randow)
2001 - Jill Walker- Same- Germany- Basement/ Creative Sound  (Arndt Schulz, Klaus Henatsch)
1995 - The Watercolors- Horse rage one dollar- Germany- Sucker- 342-9000-2 (Andreas Schrader ex Rizzo)
1994 - Jutta Weinhold- To be or not...- Germany- SM/Tricolor/Edel- 0086092 RAD   (Kalle Bösel)
1998 - Jutta Weinhold Band- Coming up- Promo CDR- Germany  (Klaus Henatsch)
1998 - Jutta Weinhold Band feat. Klaus Henatsch- In Session- Germany- Rockwerk- 1633 (Klaus Henatsch)
Jutta Weinhold Klaus Henatsch
2000 - Welcome to the world- MCD- Germany- Event/SPV- 055-60193 (Peter Panka, Wolfgang Krantz,
-          Gottfried Janko, Ossy Pfeiffer, Ulli Heicher, Werner Löhr, Arndt Schulz, Klaus Henatsch, Gaby
-          Neitzel, Anca Graterol, Martina Maschke, Ecki Hüdepohl, Dete Kuhlmann, Pitter Schwaar)
2001 - Welcome to the world II- DoCD- Germany- ROX- 96-01 (Pano's Jane, Wolfgang Krantz,
Arndt Schulz, Werner Löhr, Jutta Weinhold Band feat. Klaus Henatsch, Gottfried Janko (Dull Knife- Song for a slave), Jon Symon, Scorpions & Ulli Heicher)
2003- Welcome to the world- Welcome to the Club ( Peter Panka's Jane, Martina Mields, Klaus Henatsch )
1987 - Manfred Wieczorke- Transfer- Germany- Inakustik- Inak 8808 CD

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